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Professional Translation Services

Do you need a document translated professionally and accurately? X2Y’s professional human translation services are what you are looking for.

We translate any document quickly and efficiently. Each member of our team of professional translators is thoroughly vetted and highly experienced, and we offer fast turnaround times. We translate documents to and from over 100 languages, and human translators complete all our projects.

As a result, you can expect translations of the highest possible quality. Our standards include:

  • Error-free translations
  • Accurate and contextual translations
  • Translations that take into account localisms & cultural sensitivities
  • Hassle-free service

Human Translation Online: Our Main Services

Translation -

Translation to or from over 100 languages

Proofreading -

Proofreading, checking, and editing an existing translation

Translation and proofreading -

Translation and proofreading of documents if required.

What We Translate

  • Legal - Documents relating to cases in Australia or abroad. We also translate contracts, patents, and other legally recognised documents. Our team of translators includes several individuals who have legal expertise.
  • Financial - Business plans, company reports, investment proposals, and more.
  • Marketing - Translation of PPC ads, banner ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, and more, to help you extend the reach of your business to new markets.
  • Literature - We work on both large and small projects.
  • Technical - Our team of translators includes specialists in a range of sectors including engineering, programming, and the sciences.
  • Medical - For companies in the pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as for individual purposes.
  • General - Any other document you might need, including letters, CVs, employment application forms, and more.
  • Apps, Software, and ICT - This covers everything from translating your website or app to translating user guides, help documentation, technical specifications, and more.

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