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What is a "NAATI translation" Do I Need One?

If you want to use the translation we create for official purposes, you will most likely need a certified translation. In Australia, a certified translation is one done by an experienced and professional translator with NAATI translator accreditation NAATI is a government body overseeing the accreditation and recognition of translators and interpreters by means of standardised tests and skills assessments. Most Australian authorities demand an official NAATI translation, and even overseas this certification is accepted in many countries.

What Naati

Why You Should Choose X2Y

Do you need a NAATI translation to submit documents to Australian government institutions, or for legal reasons such as passport, citizenship, visa, or divorce applications? At X2Y, we can help:

  • We have a team of NAATI-accredited translators.
  • We have translators qualified in over 100 languages.
  • The NAATI translators on our team have experience in a wide range of fields.
  • Ordering online with us is easy.
  • We provide accurate and error-free translations.

Why You Should Use a NAATI-Accredited Translator?

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is a body owned by the government in Australia. It is the only body that issues officially recognised accreditation to translators. To get a NAATI accreditation, translators must achieve the required standard of competence and maintain high levels of professional conduct.

As a result, NAATI translators are the only people who can issue translations for documents to be submitted to government bodies and tertiary institutions. Translations carried out by a NAATI-accredited translator are also often required for legal reasons.

Documents That Often Require NAATI-Accredited Translation

  • Legal documents such as divorce court rulings, coroner's reports, and police reports
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates
  • Drivers licenses, motorcycle licenses, identification cards, passports, and visa stamps in passports
  • Police checks, medical reports, and vaccination certificates
  • University degrees, school diplomas, primary school certificates, and secondary school certificates
  • Apprenticeship certificates, employment contracts, master tradesman certificates, and professional development certificates
  • Export permits and import permits

How the translation process works

Use our Web app to get a quote and place your order. This takes about 2 minutes.

A NAATI translator will translate your document/s.

To prove that it is an accredited translation, the document/s will bear a stamp, the NAATI translator's signature, and the NAATI number of the translator.

The document/s are sent back to you ready to use.

Our Translators

We do the hard work recruiting and vetting NAATI translators, as well as training them up to the quality standards we expect. This is why the process of getting a NAATI-certified translation is so simple when you use X2Y – we have translators who are NAATI-accredited available now to translate your documents.

In addition, we offer a speedy service so that you get your translated documents back fast. In addition, quality is guaranteed.

Start the process of getting NAATI translation services from X2Y by getting a quote using our Web app.

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