+How much does the translation cost?
Please use our automatic translation assistant to get an exact price. Pricing and ordering takes less than 2 minutes.
+How long does it take?
We offer a broad range of timing options, all the way down to a same-day service. Please use our automatic translation assistant to get all the options.
+Are you an Australian provider?
Yes, X2Y is an Australian provider and owned by Zzyzx Rd Pty Ltd, a technology company headquartered in Brisbane. We know the Australian regulations, respond to your emails during Australian business hours (and beyond), and have Australia-based project managers to help you if your enquiry is a little bit more complicated.
+I can’t make your automatic translation assistant work. Can I just email or call you instead?
Sure – please submit the contact form and attach the documents you need translated. We’ll respond to you by email within 30 minutes during extended business hours. We’ll also call you if needed. But since we’re a Web-based business, we do not offer an inbound telephone customer service. This helps us to focus on emails. Rest assured, however, that we will respond to your email very fast. You can also use the live chat function here on the website if you’re at the edge of your seat already…
+Why should I order with you? There are so many translation agencies around…
Good question. We’ve got seven reasons for you:
  • Easy online ordering – no emails or calls needed
  • 7-day translation project management staff working to get your job done
  • Accurate, simple pricing
  • Immediate order confirmation
  • Automatic tax invoice by email
  • A large panel of professionals with NAATI translator accreditation
  • Pricing and ordering takes less than 2 minutes.
+I need my documents typeset in a DTP software. Can you do that?
Yes, we can, but this service is not supported by our automatic translation assistant. Please submit the contact form by clicking here.
+How can I pay?
You can pay by credit card or PayPal. And if you represent an Australian business, you don’t have to pay at all (at least not before placing your order).
+Are you registered for GST?
Yes, we are registered for Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This is included in all prices.
+What if there is a mistake in the translation?
No problem: Shoot us an email, and we will immediately check this and fix the mistake at no cost to you. After all, we want you to tell everyone how great our service is.
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