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Damian from Geelong10 hours ago

Rating Star
We are in the process of expanding our business outside Australia, so needed our website, our brochures, and some technical specification documents translated. X2Y gave us a reasonable price for delivering this in seven languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We can now sell to customers in our target markets, and we are growing the business.

Thomas from Reutlingen (Germany) 12 hours ago

Rating Star
We are a German engineering company, and identified a distributor for our products in Australia. We already have versions of our technical and specification documents in English for our UK and US customers, but we got X2Y to review them to localise them for the Australian market. X2Y were efficient, and we will use them for other translation projects in the future.

Steven from Brisbane10 hours ago

Rating Star
I needed a contract and some other documents translated for a specific client. They are a large company and were the first we’d won in that country. I had to get the paperwork in place quickly, and a colleague recommended X2Y so I gave them a call. They had a translator available almost immediately in the language I needed, and were able to get the translation back to me within 24 hours.

Brendan from Sydney12 hours ago

Rating Star
We are a Web development company who specialise in building e-commerce stores for Australian businesses, primarily in NSW. Many of those businesses want to sell their products outside Australia as well as to local customers. In these situations, we always recommend X2Y to complete the translation of their website pages and product descriptions.

Joerg from Cairns12 hours ago

Rating Star
Our business is in the tourism industry, and has an extensive email list containing previous customers. These customers are from all over the world. To keep them engaged with our brand we send email campaigns, but recently we started segmenting those campaigns, sending language-specific emails instead of everything in English. X2Y does all our email translations.
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