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KW Translation Services The translation industry is an ever changing industry where there is never a minute available to stand still and reflect. What has evolved in recent years are different types of translations which match the demand of the client that needs specialist translation services completed. The different types of translations are: Administ... Read More

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Most languages have a grammatical gender but English doesn’t. This makes languages that do have a grammatical more difficult to learn and more difficult to translate well. For example, when a person learns French as a 2nd language as an English speaker he or she has to learn how to use gender specific grammar and know the gender differences in translation.... Read More

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When a good translation is given of a text, the professional translator will have converted the text into the target language using the same meaning as the original text. It’s not a question of performing a word for word translation. Anyone can do that, through using online translation tools. What’s most important is that the translated text includes all... Read More