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An interpreter is a person who translates as someone else is talking and repeats out loud what the speaker has just said in the required language. There are several types of interpreting techniques. These are consecutive, whisper, simultaneous, escort/travel, phone, scheduled telephone and on-demand phone interpreting. What is the Difference between Consecu... Read More

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Summer is just about the perfect time to fall in love and it’s the best time to learn one of the five most romantic love languages. So what are the languages of love? The Most Romantic Languages in the world: 1. One of the different love languages is Spanish and it also happens to be one of the world’s most spoken languages. The reason why Spanish top... Read More

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One of the great gifts of life is being able to learn a new language and once this has been achieved it opens new doors to communication. All you have to do is to make the decision to learn another language and then decide which one of the hundreds available you are going to choose. To make it even easier to make that decision which language to learn you co... Read More

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There are some fictional languages in movies, such as ‘Huttese,’ which was developed by Ben Burtt sound designer. Huttese is the language used most often in planets that are Hutt dominated such as lMos Eisley in the "Star Wars" universe. It partly originates from Quechua, an Andean native American Indian language, and Peruvian languages. Huttese is commo... Read More

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Does your business have a translation management system (TMS) in place? Do you know what a TMS is and how it can help manage your translation tasks? If not, here are some ideas. Definition of a translation management system A translation management system is a programme that supports a varied and sophisticated series of translation tasks that might be as... Read More

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Most human translators aren’t opposed to technology and what it can do. They think that when it comes to the value of human v/s machine translation that they work together to achieve the best translation. However, to give a computer the full responsibility of translating a text as yet, the outcome is nowhere near as good. Machine translators translate word... Read More

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Jobs with languages and linguistics careers Foreign languages aren’t necessarily easy for everyone to learn but they can be very useful in a whole number of careers if you have had the perseverance to study and learn. Of course there are some people who are lucky to have been born into a bilingual family and are able seamlessly to move between different l... Read More

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If you are off on a world trip and you don’t have any good skills in the languages you are likely to encounter problems while communicating with the local residents, to avoid that it’s a good idea to go online with your smart phone and download an app that has all the languages. You will be able to refer to them quickly and speak and understand the lang... Read More

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There is a dichotomy in the world today. In many parts of the world, people are comfortably multilingual, while in others, they never become anything other than stubbornly monolingual. Why is there such a huge difference in the attitude of even young people to the role of language in their life? Learning another language is like acquiring a passport. It all... Read More

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Translation has become an essential part of many business operations. They allow business to communicate with other businesses, organisations and government agencies overseas as well as reach potential markets, both international and within their own borders. Here two specific reasons why professional translation services might be used are discussed. Int... Read More