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At X2Y, we take the hassle out of getting documents translated. The days of you searching for a translator with the right qualifications and experience are gone. Instead, just use our straightforward Web app to upload the documents you want us to translate, as well as letting us know your requirements. We then do the rest for you.

We offer translation services into and from over 100 languages; the quality of our work is unrivalled in the industry; and our turnaround times are fast.

In addition, X2Y is a translation agency. That means that an experienced and qualified professional will complete your translation. We don’t use software or machines, and our vetting process for new translators is rigorous and comprehensive. You can be assured you will get a high-quality translation every time.

Choose the Type of Translation You Need.


Created by a NAATI translator and suitable for official purposes such as immigration, citizenship, courts. You will receive PDF files with a sealed and signed certification. You can also order originals by mail.

Examples: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver licenses



Suitable for all private and business situations where a professional translation is needed. As long as your files are editable (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), you will receive the translation in the same format.

Examples: Brochures, contracts, websites, forms, emails.

STEP 2/5
  • Now configure your documents, one by one. You don't upload any files now. You will do this later, after your order.
  • If a document contains more than one page, then you need to add the item several times. Example: For a 3-page academic transcript, add the item "Academic Transcript (1 page)" three times.
  • Languages followed by an asterisk symbol (*) will be certified with our own seal because no translator with NAATI accreditation exists. The translation will still be accepted by the authorities in line with current legislation.

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How do you want the translation delivered to you?

STEP 4/5

You will receive your translation by email by Wednesday, 1 April 2020 (end of day) if you place your order now. If you need the translation sooner, add one of our rush options. Please note that no translations are started between 10pm and 6am Sydney time.

1.5 x the normal rate
2.5 x the normal rate
3.5 x the normal rate

By clicking on Order Now, you agree to the Terms of Service

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Please fill out the short form below. We will use the email address and mobile phone number for all future communication about your translation.

You will be redirected to the PayPal website. At PayPal, once you approve your payment, your order will be processed, and you will not be able to review your order again. If you decide change your order once you are on the PayPal website, you will have to start your order again.

You have stated that you are placing an order on behalf of an Australian business. This means that you have an automatic 7-day account. No payment is required prior to ordering. Just enter you ABN below, and we will get started:


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You can upload the documents now, or you can later email them to us by replying to your order confirmation email.

What We Offer

NAATI translations (for
official and legal purposes)

Professional translations (for
business and general purposes)

An accurate and
error-free service

Fast turnaround

A simple and quick
ordering process

Competitive pricing

Excellent support

translation services

Translation Services: Australia and Beyond

We are based in Australia, but our services are available wherever you are in the world, as we translate to and from English. It’s like having a translator on your staff, except that you only pay for translation services when you need them.

Two things set us apart from other translation services:

1. Quality:We do not engage in machine translation. Your documents are translated by real humans: people with experience, a degree in a relevant field, and a genuine commitment to creating high-quality text.

2. Our Web app: Pricing and ordering only takes 2 minutes. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Once we receive your order, a highly experienced translator will complete your translation, ensuring it retains the context of the original document, accounts for localisms, is accurate, and is error-free. You will then receive your translation within the agreed timeframe, in a format that is ready to use.

Our Experience

Legal translations
Translation of documents in a range of industries
Technical, IT, and engineering translations
Academic, medical, and scientific translations
Websites and apps in all industries and sectors
Personal translations such as CVs, letters, and more
Translations for official purposes such as visa applications, patents, and more
Marketing translations such as sales brochures, advertising copy, market research, and more
Business translations including contracts, sales proposals, business correspondence, business plans, & more

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